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Our Story

Mike Slinn started thinking deeply about artificial personality as a an undergraduate engineering student. Decades later, in 2008, he wrote the first EmpathyWorks prototype, a configurable behavioral modeler for one organism. Several years later the second prototype focused on group dynamics. Now it is time to build this technology into a general-purpose platform while considering the markets that such a product might address. Would you like to get involved?

We are moving from many years of R&D, and as of January 2020 we will begin a 6-month market research phase, which will be followed by a consultative phase, then a productization phase. EmpathyWorks began as a single-person project; successive phases will transition the project to an ever-larger company. The end state will have us functioning as a tech vendor / partner.

Our Vision

Simulating behavior would be useful for breathing life into video game characters, computer generated characters in movies, virtual pets and artificial friends.

Predicting behavior of individuals and groups would lead to better understanding the factors that led to observed outcomes. Understanding the tipping points for various outcomes would allow for better risk management for sensitive situations – a more graceful and harmonious world.


Originally written in Java with .NET runtime support, the most recent code bases is written in Scala. Some experimentation has been done with Apache Kafka and CRDTs. Various options for integrating with machine learning platforms such as Apache Spark need to be explored, including embedding and supporting plugin compatibility.

While Adobe Flex was orignally used for the user interface, that technlogy is now dead. Some of the current user interface considerations are incredibly exciting, for example rendering deep fakes.